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The best moments of my life.

The best moments of my life.I used to live like a real nun. The main part of my life I spent at home. Home-school, home-school ... Nothing interesting happened. BUT! It was not until recently! Now things have changed. I'll start with the main thing: I finally met a beautiful boy. His name is Dima, he tozhe22, like me, he's tall, with blond hair ashy color, with gray eyes, and pumped up ... so beautiful! Such people: beautiful, like a Greek god. I met him in Norway. He moved there from Russia with her sister and mother, who married a Norwegian. Recently, I also live in Norway with his mother. We live in a small town, not far from Tromsø. Most interesting is that our home with him are in the neighborhood. From my window I see his room. He is constantly working computer, I can see it in shimmering colors emanating from his window. One morning my mother and I went to "get acquainted" with our neighbors. And ... a miracle! Our mothers were familiar, t. To. Studied together in a single institute. Come talk about...Read more >

How I lost my virginity.

How I lost my virginity.I was madly in love with a "best friend", and he did not even think to take me seriously. He was older and married a long time, and I was hoping that someday he will be my first man. Of course, he had many mistresses, I knew about it, and he made no secret that he wants me to also become his girlfriend. I waited patiently, when it finally happens. One Saturday he suddenly called, bringing with him never happened. - Hi, it's me. What do you do? - Simple and carefree asked my first love at the other end. From the sound of a familiar voice to the pain I almost dropped the spatula to remove the pancake from the frying pan, which, incidentally, is now burnt. - Miss you ... - I said, how can more erotic voice. - For Real? Then, maybe, meet, and you can tell how badly missed? At this point, I presented pretty smile of a man who always feels like a winner. - I agree. When? - An hour later I'll come after you. Ride. - Waiting. I hung up the phone. Now or never! At nine o'clock in...Read more >

Girls Xchat

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