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Recklessness.Sudden awareness of the recent decision struck on the head like a stone. How can you have been on a dare ?! What's happening to me? But there is no choice. No matter how unexpected and unusual nor was this act, but no turning back. Breath. Exhalation. It's time to get ready. I leaned out the window and breathed in a strikingly fresh warm air. It is not often see in Moscow such a nice summer day. Throwing off with homemade shorts and a T-shirt, I went to the closet. On the one hand it is clear that you can wear anything you want, you still do not need clothes, but on the other ... On this day, I wanted to be mad to finish. So no standard jeans and T-shirts. But the ambush that other clothes, then I have not. Try on short shorts and shirt. Looks pretty nice. But now they need to change something, you need to add to your image something special. Idea! Panties and bra flew into the corner of the room. Meticulously look around yourself in the mirror. Shaggy mop of blond dreadlocks,...Read more >

The first tango.

The first tango.We can not say that we were familiar with. I did not know him at all - almost nothing about his life, tastes, family, character, social circle I was unknown, but I did not try to learn this. Between us have always been strictly business, partnership, together we attended a dance studio and went to school - I'm in the ninth grade, he was in the eleventh. The difference in age confirmed the inability of our friendship and closer communication, everything was smooth and never passed the existing borders. But I loved it. As his partner dancing, I was before losing momentum happy that I can touch it at least during the dance that I have the right to talk to him at the rehearsals, to greet him, passing him on the school corridor and just see him every day. I'm so pleased to be with him that sometimes I was jealous of this myself. In the evening, lying in bed for hours staring aimlessly into the darkness, I painted in my imagination colorful picture of what I wanted to be in this life,...Read more >

Girls Xchat

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