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Model meet and demonstrate how you like it.


Walk.I went home at night after partying at 11:00 hours. Of course a little drunk. And there was, of course, in a short skirt without panties and bra (because they are not our I) with high heels, in short, I had a kind of. The house was far away. I go, I go. I hear a car goes quiet Zadeh. Then he stopped in front of me. A window opens guy comes out 23 years and said: - Sit down to us, we'll drive you home. I went ahead and thought to sit down or not. They drove me and tried to persuade me. I walked over to the car, opened the door, they even surprised, and sat back. The guy without thinking twice sat in the back seat next to me. Asks: - What's your name? - I'm Christina He was sitting next to me: - Andrew He was sitting behind the wheel: - Dmitry And here we go. Andrew sits and looks at me smiling. We are not a lot of talking. Andrew after a while put his hand on my thigh. I did not resist, as has long been flowing all. Andrew realized that for a hint. And his hand went to the top...Read more >

Svetlana's birthday.

Svetlana's birthday.Sixteenth birthday Svetlana decided to celebrate in a small circle, home for the holiday table. The company was small. Mom Amy - Lida, my mother's friend Alex and myself Light. Lida was dressed in a beautiful red dress shimmering, Alex, as always in a suit with a white shirt and tie .. Light in a beautiful silk blouse white and strict black mini skirt .. The atmosphere was festive, everyone had fun. The evening promised to be good. Alex poured over the red wine, and said congratulatory speech to the birthday girl and put his own neck on Svetlana his gift - a gold chain with a charm of its guardian angel. Gift Svetlana liked, she was thrilled. It was her first ever gold ornaments. This was followed by a toast mom and gift Svetlana became gold earrings .. The third toast Light thanked for congratulations and wonderful gifts. Then they drank for the family, friendship, health, love and so on, until the wine has not yet ended. Wine has done its job. After jokes, funny jokes gradually...Read more >

Girls Xchat

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